GENEWIN Biotech has been established at Hosur, Tamil Nadu - India in 2007 which is recognized by Department of Biotechnology, under NCS-TCP, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India is one of the major producers of good quality and disease free Grand Naine (G-9) variety of Banana plants (Export Quality) on a large scale, 5 millions per year through Tissue culture Techniques and sells at the lowest price throughout India. Tissue Culture is a technology used for mass propagation of elite and high yielding mother plants (through explants) that are carefully Virus Indexed which gives rise to disease free, uniform, genetically Pure and highly potential plants in large scale in the shortest period of time.

    Our Products

    G 9

  • Yelakki

  • Dendrocalamusasper

  • Bambusabalcooa

    New Products

  • Musa acuminate ‘Red Dacca’ - Red Banana
  • Punica granatum - Pomegranate
  • Hibiscus grandiflora
  • Melia dubia – Australian Teak wood variety
  • Citrus limetta - Sweet lemon

    Upcoming Products

  • Aloe barbadensis - Aloe vera
  • Dracaena braunii - Lucky Bamboo
  • Dendrocalamus brandisii
  • Thyrsostachys oliveri


GENEWIN Biotech Research & Development wing performing R&D on the following fields:

  • Biofertilizers
  • Hydrophonics
  • Strain Improvement techniques
  • Biofuels
  • Electricity from Biomass
  • Biochar in agriculture through field trials


  • Our farmer achieved 70 Kg/ Bunch in March 2010.
  • Extraordinary Uniformity in Plant growth
  • 0% Mortality
  • Hat-trick - On an average of 62 kg in three fields


Dr. V. Palani, Honoured by The
Cream of GCC awards, 2009-2010.

Mrs. Manasa Satheesh Awarded the Zonal Winner in representing
GENEWIN Biotech in "Think Big"- moneycontrol.com in CNBC TV 18.

Citation to Dr. V. Palani For being an Exceptional Team Member in Plasmid manipulation from Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, US.